About ME

My journey began in 2016 when I joined my first Pole Dancing Class in a local Dance Studio in my hometown. Right after the first few lessons I was completely obsessed with this unique art of expression and the diversity it offers. In 2017 I then became a certified Pole Instructor and have been teaching ever since. After a while I also got into similar disciplines like Aerial Hoop, Acrobatics, Contortion, Yoga & Handbalancing. 

 In 2019 I took part in my first competition and actually placed first in the German Pole Championship.

I also qualified for the World Pole Championships in Canada.

Besides teaching Classes and Workshops and exploring the world of competitions I also got to perform on many stages. I do different acts using the Pole, the Lollipop, doing contortion, hand balancing and much more. Being on stage and sharing my passion with the world is its own kind of magic.


In 2020 I moved to Stuttgart and started my apprenticeship as Sports and Gymnastics teacher to deepen my knowledge about the scientific background and different skill sets.