Flexibility Programs

I have created these different Flexibility, strength and conditioning programs for you!

They are the perfect addition to your pole training and can be done all by yourself with no special equipment needed.


Pay once and get unlimited access to all the material!


By putting in this extra effort you will see great improvements in your performance, flow and execution of tricks on the pole.


Get your front Split

This Program includes 10 exercises with passive and active stretches. We will work on improving your overall leg and hip flexibility including your hip flexor and hamstrings. We focus on both stretching your muscles as well as strengthening them by including some strength components and active stretches. All exercises are demonstrated and explained by me.

Get your middle Split

This Program includes 10 Exercises to finally get your middle split and improve your straddle. We focus on improving your hip mobility which allows you to have an improved range of motion in your hips. We will also improve your inner thigh flexibility so you will improve your straddle. This program includes both active and passive stretches but mainly focusing on the active flexibility. All exercises are demonstrated and explained by me.

Back and shoulder Flexibility

This Program includes 20 Exercises that will focus on improving your shoulder mobility and flexibility as well as your upper and lower back Flexibility. Both your shoulder and back flexibility are important components if you want to improve your backbends and heart opening poses. We will use both passive and active stretching techniques for those improvements to be achieved. Especially with back mobility it’s important to stretch with the right technique to protect your spine from injury and also build the muscles around it to protect and support it.

Strength Program

This Program is perfect if you want to gain more strength and control in your practice. It includes 15 strength drills working on your arms, back and abs. Especially your core is the power center of your whole body and that’s why most exercises will include some core work and teach you to activate it properly.These strength exercises will improve your overall body control and balance as well and make you feel stronger than ever!

Handtstand drills

You’ve been struggling to get your handstand or other hand balances?

Then this is the perfect Program for you. It includes 10 Drills to get you ready for your handstand. We will focus on improving your balance skills and build the strength in your wrists, arms and core to actually hold you in the handstand position. We will also work on learning the right entrance into your handstand using two different techniques.

Strong and Flexible Feet

This program is designed to work on the base of your body. Often overlooked and underestimated but essential to everything you do: Your feet! Especially for dancers it’s super important to strengthen your ankles to stay safe while dancing. Next to strengthening exercises this program also includes several stretches to improve the arch of your foot and make your pointed toes look more beautiful. 

Start paying more attention to your feet now!


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